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Lampu LED Philips Master MR16 7-50W 927 / 930 / 940 36D Dim
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Lampu LED Philips Exp Color MR16 7.2-50W 927 / 930 / 940 10D


MASTER LEDspot LV ExpertColor creates a warm and comfortable ambience for hospitality venues, homes and restaurants. It creates such an ambience with superior lighting that has a customized spectrum, high CRI, and deep dimming feature. The result? A beautiful lighting experience. Whats more, the innovative, trimless lens design will suit almost any interior decor with its clean and neat look.

Create warm and comfortable ambience
Interior decor, furnishings and fabrics look great
Hassle-free retrofit solution for greater energy efficiency and sustainability

Customized color spectrum replicates halogen light color
Trimless design with beautiful V-groove lens
Best-in-class color realization CRI97
Deep and smooth dimming with broad transformer compatibility
Retrofit with low-voltage MR16 halogen lamps with GU5.3 socket

Hospitality: hotel guest room, corridors, lobby, reception area, restaurants, bars, cafes
Home: living room, bedrooms, hall way
Retail: exhibitions, display cabinets, shops, dressing rooms

Power: 7.2W
CRI: 97
Lumen: 450lm
Beam Angle: 10D
Nominal lifetime: 40,000hrs
Switching cycle: 50000x
Start time: 0.5S
Dimmable: YES
Voltage: 12V

- hanya lampu, belum termasuk aksesoris tambahan-
-- 12Volt! mohon gunakan travo yang sesuai sebelum penggunaan --

Tersedia dalam Pilihan Beam Angle 10D, 24D , 36D . Harap tanya sblm order. Tidak cantum pada invoice maka akan dikirimkan dengan Beam Angle sesuai pada judul.

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